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Our Name

In Ancient Greece there was a calculation instrument called Abacus ( Αβάκιο).

As in ancient times, as nowadays we use a variety of calculation instruments to complete a task.

In lighting the most important instrument is a team that can calculate everything, manage the sources, discover new materials, do the photometry and corporate with all the main engineers & designers of a project to be completed.

In our case, this instrument is us, thus we have called ourselves Avakas. Because our tightknit team at Avakas, is our instrument of calculating light.

Our Philosophy

Our company begins with a dream, the dream of making everything possible in lighting designs.

This dream comes true when the people who are behind this company, unite to share their dreams, fantasies and the feeling of making great lighting projects.

”l’architecture est le jeux savant, correct et magnifiquedes volumes assembles sous la lumiere”
le Corbusier

”Architecture is the clever, correct and magnificent play of volumes assembled under the light”
le Corbusier


Our Team

Our team consists of professionals who understand the customer and project needs.

Not only are we in a position to fulfill the requirements and demands of the projects, but also to advise and provide high-quality service and lighting fittings at the best possible cost.

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